• Ltmaroon57

    NaLu, NatZa, NaLi, and NaWen? xD (Art posted by Hiro Mashima on his twitter page)

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  • Grayza.Shipper511

    In that link the post is saying how hiro says that gray obviously has more than friendship with erza, and even with jellal and juvia in the picture, he still has more than friendship with her ●▪●

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  • Shipper Forever

    My Ship

    April 5, 2017 by Shipper Forever
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  • ThePersonFrom2

    Fraxus Week

    July 12, 2016 by ThePersonFrom2

    this a yikes from me fam

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  • Cheschire-Kaat

    Hello guys!

    I came across several works, mostly fanfics, that depicted Lisanna and Lucy as rivals when it comes to Natsu. Most of them are Nalu fanfics, but that doesn't really mean anything. I strongly dissagree with the idea in general.

    You see, I absolutely hate it when I see Lisanna depicted as a villain who wants to steal Natsu from Lucy, or the other way around. Lisanna's a sweet girl, and she may have been very close to Natsu, it doesn't mean she actually likes him that much. Maybe a lil' crush but it can also be questionned.

    I kinda see Lucy and Lisanna as super pals who talk and laugh together at the stupid things that Natsu did.

    Anyway, it wasn't really long, but I think you all got my point here.

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  • LaughingNaluLover

    GrayLu vs NaLu

    April 18, 2016 by LaughingNaluLover

    Hi Guys! I'm Anmarie and today we will talk about GrayLu vs NaLu. We all know that they are one of our favorite ships. So it is up to you guys to defend your ship!

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  • Theo Sakamuca

    My silly Older Brother

    February 27, 2016 by Theo Sakamuca

    Hello. Let me Introduce myself. I'm Theo Sakamuca or Thoe Dragneel. My silly older brother is Natzu Dragneel. He's kind of crazy some times but I love him! He's got a friend name Lucy(HE LOVES HERRR). I'm hopping to meet everyone soon. I'm kind of new to Fairy tale and kind of shy. I hope you guys welcome me!

    Theo Dragneel

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  • Starfire193

    Happy Holidays!

    December 24, 2015 by Starfire193

    Hello everyone,

    Since Fairy Tail is all about friendship and family, I wanted to at least wish everyone Happy Holidays. I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends and family. Did anyone get anything Fairy Tail related (I know I'm getting a few issues of the manga, Ice Trails and Fairy Tail Girls)?

    Anyways I hope you have a wonderful holiday!



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  • Starfire193


    After reading the most recent manga update I was shocked when I saw Zeref thanking Layla (also who's Anna?). I started wondering how he knows her. Here are a few possibilities I thought of if you have others please let me know in the comments.

    He literally just met her: With how long he lived I know this is probably a likely possibility, however I don't see Hiro doing that, with shocking us that they knew each other I'm guessing there is a clever backstory.

    Marvis knew her: He met her through Marvis, again I don't think this would be a clever enough back story but maybe.

    They're related: Well while it be a huge plot twist, I don't see it happening due to there being a lot of anger and heart broken shippers. I do t…

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  • Starfire193

    I want to start out by saying these are probably the couples that will happen but these are the reason why I don't ship them as much as some others. I'm sorry if what I write seems like bashing but in all honesty I am never probably going to be a novelist like Lucy. So I'm sorry Gruvia, Nalu, Gale and Jerza fans if you want to turn away now please do, unless you want to try to change my opinion which I'm more then open too.

    The reason I don't ship most the canon couples as much as others is because I don't seem them as the most healthy relationships.

    Gruvia: Let me start by saying this is probably the one I'm most bias on, and personally dislike the most. However, it's probably not for the reason you think. When the manga and anime started I …

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  • Starfire193

    Why I ship Graylu

    November 23, 2015 by Starfire193

    Many individuals don't understand why someone would ship Graylu or think it's just due to Gray and Lucy both being "hot", which for some it is but not for me. So here it is laid out, I know many people will bash me for this but I just wanted to lay it out so maybe Graylu fans will not get as much hate. 

    First: I see Graylu as one of the few couples that could work in the real world. They both are rather normal and I think there friendship could become more. Also there personalities seem like they would work well together. They both find the same things funny and are very comforable with each other.

    Second: I like how they are both saucy. They like to make fun together and joke around atleast in the anime. I find this cute especially when they…

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  • Fairytailnalufan

    NaLu and NaLi

    September 7, 2015 by Fairytailnalufan

    Ok so before I start I just wanted to say something. This is my personal oppinion! I would appricate it if any hate comments wern't included. Please respect my oppinion and I promise I will respect yours! 

    So I just wanted to get something of my chest between the NaLu and the NaLi war! I find it so bloody annoying! There are so many ships in the show, but for some reason the NaLu and NaLi shippers seem to clash like it's the start of World War 3?  

    In my personal oppinion I believe NaLu is a better ship, but I don't go hating on NaLi shippers. If anything I can completely understand why people would ship Natsu and Lisanna, but I feel as if Natsu and Lucy have a better connection since Lucy first joined the guild. 

    Even when Lisanna came back …

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  • OtakuGirl17

    A theory about Layla

    April 22, 2015 by OtakuGirl17

    I think Layla totally had some connection with the dragons. Mashima wouldn’t have emphasized her death date, or left her death in mystery if he didn’t have plans for her. Layla becoming a celestial spirit is also a great theory! It would make sense with the magic consumption idea, as well as with the story.'noctelle and I also thought that maybe Layla had something to do with the one magic. Every time it’s brought up, they refer to Layla. Also, since the one magic is love, maybe then it has to do with sacrificing for those you love? Like Layla sealing the dragons, or Lucy stopping END, at a certain cost…'I feel like since the one magic is hinted at as being love or the essence of love that maybe how things will end (haha pun very much inte…

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  • OtakuGirl17

    Fairy tail theories

    April 21, 2015 by OtakuGirl17

    Okay but is anyone else worried about this? IGNEEL, tried to destroy END. Natsu Dragneel.

    But whether or not he failed on purpose, the part that worries me the most was that it took place 400 years ago.

    This up so many theories, but also closes a lot for us. The one that’s most prominent in my mind right now is that END was already created, and somehow maybe took over Natsu’s body.

    This would confirm that Natsu had real parents, and a real story before Igneel. Maybe even his family was somehow related to Zeref, and that’s why he was taken over by END.

    Maybe even his family was cursed, maybe he had his memories altered and was changed from END to a child.

    Was it a coincidence that Igneel found Natsu? Did ingeel actually find him, or was he makin…

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  • KJZ

    Fan Fictions

    March 21, 2015 by KJZ
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  • KJZ

    My Fairy Tail Fanfic

    March 21, 2015 by KJZ

    I've recently been working on writing a Fairy Tail Fanfiction, and I want people's opinions on it. I'll post it here once I have chapter one done... >.< it's a work in progress. But I have the main charecter so far, and the guild they are in (both originaly made by me). Any suggestions are appreciated. If you would like to use Aliza,my guild, or any of the charecters in your own story, please ask me before you use, and state your purpose. Thanks a bunch! :)

    The Basics:

    Name: Aliza Walker

    Nickname (AKA): Argent Empress

    Gender: Female

    Species/Race: Human

    Age/Date of Birth: 17, May 10th Taurus

    Height: 5’4”

    Weight: 105 lbs

    Hair Colour: Navy Blue

    Eye Colour: Navy Blue

    Signature Clothing: A dark blue tank top and black shorts, with black heels. (because all kick ass…

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  • Cute anime lover

    Hello Guys please comment down your Top Fairy Tail couple and tell us why you pick them. Have fun!!!

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  • Cinnamon sugar

    Hi everybody! I'm here to inform you that I made a request on community central to be promoted as a bureaucrat of the wiki.

    A lot of you may as: "What is bureaucrat?" Well, a bureaucrat can grant rollback, administrator, and bureaucrat rights as well as revoke rollback and administrator rights. The next thing you guys may ask is: "Why are you the one requesting for bureaucrat rights?" If you guys haven't noticed, in the past month, I was the only active administrator of the wiki and the only users with bureaucrat rights have been inactive for more than 60 days. As stated by an administrator of community central, "If all bureaucrats are sufficiently inactive, it's not uncommon for a standing admin to file a request to get bureaucrat rights."

    For …

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  • Ixarising

    Favourite Couple.

    February 16, 2014 by Ixarising

    Title says all.

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  • Gerie Mae Togono

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!! To all of you, Fairy Tail fans! XDXD

    Gerie Mae Togono Talk Page 02:56, December 31, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Cycie Snaynie Heartfilia

    Merry Christmas to all of you!!!! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas 

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  • Cycie Snaynie Heartfilia

    Ohayou! minna well can't really say much on this FairyTailcouples wiki but please be one of my friends

    I'm Cycie Snaynie Heartfilia you can call me CC by the way!! hahaha BYE :P

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  • NaLuTheatear

          Some people think that Lucy and Lisanna are rivals but the truth is they are not, NaLu and NaLi lovers have to accept that. They always quarrel about Who will Natsu's love be, Lucy or Lisanna? I never had a memory that Lucy and Lisanna fight because of Natsu. If Mashima is planning to let NaLu/ Li happen, we Fairy Tail lovers need to accept it, you all can say you opinions but don't say bad things about other pairings.

    Lucy and Lisanna were seen smiling at each other when Lisa-chan came back to Earthland from Edolas. Lucy even cried when Lisanna was reunited to her Mira-nee and Elf-neechan and also relieved when Lisanna was safe and even promises  Lisanna to always stay by Natsu's side(which Lisanna asks to Lucy) and Lisanna was shock…

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  • I always smile


    October 31, 2013 by I always smile

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! hope you enjoy the festival from where veer you are ^^ 

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  • Fairy tail mage

    Should we update and change the categories to past pairs if a person dies?

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  • Fairy tail mage
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  • Fairy tail mage

    Hey i just wanted to know this because most of the users here are inactive.

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  • Natsumi Thetis

    It's been a while since a made a blog, but I think this topic should be discussed in public.

    So, as the title suggests, I'd like to remove all canon, semi-canon and fanon tags from the articles. Why? Because the main reason there are sooo much fighting between shippers and us, are these categories. Why isn't Grayza semi-canon? Why isn't NaLu canon? Etc, etc. I think the best solution is removing the categories, so everyone can decide whether a pair is canon or not on his/her own.

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  • Ice-make:gray

    New Changes

    April 26, 2013 by Ice-make:gray

    I thought of introducing the spells which were performed by couples together like In gruvia we have:-

    • Wings of love
    • Unison Raid etc

    we'll have both seperate pages for each spell and it'll also be included in the couples page.

    It has been discussed over a long time but we seriously require them for the couples.One quote at the top of the page and others in the quotes section

    We have decided to introduce an Anti-Vandal team and most probably grammar team. I'm going to lead the AV team please leave ur name if u wish to become the leader of grammar team or else u can even suggest some names.Till theGrammar Team is formed, i ask all thosewho want to do some job can rectify the "more details" section

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  • Cinnamon sugar

    First we got this and I was squealing my little heart out but then I looked a closer look at the picture. “Wait,” I said to myself. “June 17? That’s in a month from now. Shouldn’t they release the trailer right about now like in the last OVA?” I first ignored it and went on with my life.

    After doing the usual edit and browsing the internet. I came across a blog post from Deviantart with a link to the supposed OVA. At first I was like, “Yeah right,” but when I heard the music Blow Away, I was jumping from my seat that my brother had to contain me.

    The OVA is the anime adaptation of Chapter 298 The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land. It added more Gale and Jerza scenes that wasn’t part in the original chapter but who cares? I love these two pairing and th…

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  • ZephiraZ

    Suddenly a blug

    April 9, 2013 by ZephiraZ

    This would be the first time I've registered for a wikia, but it looks like it could be worthwhile. So, my statement of intent: If granted permission, I would like to create and maintain a Fraxus (Laxus/Freed) page in the Semi-Canon section, backed with research, timelines, analysis, and anything else I can muster up.

    Here's hoping it all goes smoothly, and also, hello!

    ZephiraZ (talk) 19:04, April 9, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Currycarliee

    I don't know what's happening.. But is it really the last episode?? TT^TT 

    I'll cry too much for thiss.. TT^TT

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  • Dragonlover20

    After Hiro Mashima made Natsu and Lucy a cannon couple and he also gave out the name of their child name Nashi.

    I was happy to hear this news, but one question continued to pop into my mind.

    What would her magic be?

    I personally hope it's Dragon Slayer magic, but that's just me.

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  • Arvee100smart

    This is my help-you blog, which you can ask questions and I'll surely help you ( If I can ) . Just so you know, I'm not good at templates so I frequently help editing grammars, upload pictures creating a page and  Specially, create fanon pairing articles that are requested by wikia users.

    Just leave something below~ :D

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  • Arvee100smart


    March 8, 2013 by Arvee100smart

    The Title says it all

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  • Laven Heartfilla

    Well......our wiki is quite new so it needs some policies as most wikis have.

    So, I propose that we should use the following policies:

    • Layout Guide
    • Chat Policy
    • Image Policy
    • Talk Page Policy
    • Blocking Policy
    • User Page Policy
    • Blog Policy
    • Naming Policy (maybe)

    Regarding the Image Policy, do we need to be as strict as Fairy Tail Wiki? Or shall we create our own rules? I think that we should use the same concept of their fair use rationale and licenses. I have no idea on doing that~ Maybe Bere or the admins will help.

    Below are some polls:

    Do you support the suggestion of these policies? Yes! Go Laven! Yes, and I will help you~ xD No~~~~ TT^TT Argh! Policies again! Damn it! >.> .< I don't know......

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  • MorganaDragneel

    About Episode 125

    January 2, 2013 by MorganaDragneel

    I'm confused. So I was watching Fairy Tail episode 125, Magical Ball, where Velveno tries to take the Balsamico family ring to propose to Aceto. Velveno said that he copied every Fairy Tail wizard's power. 

    I understand about Natsu, Gray and Elfman's ability magics, and kind of about Erza's holder requip, but what about Lucy? How could he summon the Celestial Spirits without Lucy's keys? I suppose maybe he could jump in the air and snatch them out of her hand, but...

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  • MorganaDragneel

    First impressions....

    December 31, 2012 by MorganaDragneel

    Hello, fellow Fairy Tail mages! 

    I'm MorganaDragneel! I'd love to chat, or join discussions, and meet all of you! 

    Morgana Dragneel is my fictional character's name. My absolute favourite Fairy Tail character is Natsu Dragneel, so I'd say Morgana is Natsu's long-lost sister of sorts...anyway, my ideal magic if I were a Fairy Tail mage is Element Vortex Dragon/God Slayer (the strengths of fire, water, earth and air). Or maybe Star Search Dragon/God Slayer (the power of the stars). 

    Anyways, this place is awesome! I've only been here for--what, 10 minutes?--but I'm already excited. 

    More than anything else, I ship Natsu x Lucy, Gray x Juvia, Kinana/Cubellious x Cobra, Erza x Jellal, Mira x Laxus, Wendy x Mystogan (a bit awkward...), Aquarius x S…

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  • Laven Heartfilla!_Team

    See this ^ and you'll know ^_^

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  • Laven Heartfilla

    P/s: Hope all of you won't think that I'm too busybody about this, as I'm just helping out.

    Well.....our guild/team names have been decided:

    • Snapshot Guild
    • The Imaginators
    • The Rivalry Makers
    • Update Complete! team means that guild/team leaders must be appointed to lead the guild/team on completing pages and so on.

    And......these things/steps are needed.....

    • Guild Colors
    • Guild Mascots
    • Guild Crest
    • Guild Badges
    • Roles of the guild/team
    • Positions-Guild Master----S-class Mages----Mages (S-class Mages should be experienced users and Mages may be appointed to become S-class if the guild master thinks that it's needed)
    • Guidelines (according to the guild's roles)
    • Application form and qualifications

    (Image Guild will need some qualifications to make sure that …

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  • Laven Heartfilla

    Ehem....this type of blog is created before by IamJahukoRaikoben in FT I'm just copying taking it as a reference to guide new users (or active users) on editing/improving the wiki.

    • Fixing grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes- Most of the articles here are currently in a Under Construction or is in a not-that-good situation so hope you guys can edit the articles. You may choose to edit your favorite pairs' articles if you don't know how to start. If you're good at editing you may consider to join the Update Complete! team.
    • Good quality images-Our articles are in need of good quality images so please contribute some if you find out some articles that are lack of images to illustrate it.
    • Writing summaries-You will help us a lot in writing…

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  • Laven Heartfilla

    Well.....I think Natsumi has make a similar blog like this.....still I'm making it again. :P

    Voting starts:

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  • GrAyLu Foreva!

    I have read many fanfics. about Natsu and Lucy were boyfriends and girlfriends then one day Lucy entered the guild and saw her Boyfriend (Natsu) was making out with Lisanna.... I always saw Fanfics. like that...... thats why I liked GrayLu. I cant see Lucy suffering. Because Lucy is my favorite character in FT.

    GrAyLu Foreva! (talk) 16:44, November 16, 2012 (UTC)GrAyLu Foreva!

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  • GrAyLu Foreva!

    NaLu vs. GrayLu?

    November 15, 2012 by GrAyLu Foreva!

    NaLu vs. GrayLu? well, who do you prefer? you can choose any pairings you want to say even though it is not related to my questions ;)


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  • GrAyLu Foreva!

    My favorite is GrAyLu but I kinda, slight like NaLu and GrUvia too. but the most hottest pairing is JErza XD!!GrAyLu Foreva! (talk) 06:27, November 15, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Natsumi Thetis

    Hello my fellow Fairy Tail Couples Wiki editors! As the title says, we've got some things to discuss.

    One and most important: the Guilds and Teams question. Several users (mostly me and Dynasty) already wrote to Ice. So, I recommend a system like the Fairy Tail Wiki's, but not completely same: Guild Master, Mages and maybe S-Class Mages and a Supervisor.

    As for the Guilds' name and task, my ideas are:

    A Grammar Guild and an Image Guild. I don't really know other Guilds, that would be needed for this Wiki. Please post your opinion!

    We have these Awards: Best Couple Creator, Best Rival Creator and Love Maestro. But nobody receives them. So I'd like to do a voting about it: (I don't want to bypass the admins and this voting will be official with their…

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  • Ice-make:gray

    Wiki edit month

    October 28, 2012 by Ice-make:gray

    Since v r going to have many couples and rivals as v' ve discussed [[1]] thr'll b a super edit contest.

    In this contest the couples which will be properly edited will get space in the wiki navigation.Although we'll have all the couples/rivals in the page- Couples/Rivals.

    This competiton will be held from November to December end. The best pages will be displayed in the Wiki navigation.The users r requested to start improving their favorite pages.

    If u want a couple/rival to appear thr but don't get proper time to do so u can always request the admins to do so if u miss the contest. V can have another section for just EdoCouples. These couples will appear as EdoCanon , EdoSemicanon and EdoFanon Coules. U can bring ur favorite couple by voting …

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  • WingCastle

    It's a good idea, don't you think?

    We'll add a new section for the quotes that were said by the pairs to each other!!! For example:

    • Natsu to Lucy: "I chose you Lucy, because you're cool!"
    • Gajeel to Levy: "It's hard looking for someone so small. so don't leave my side."
    • Elfman to Evergreen: "She is... a woman."

    What do you guys think?

    Also, I think it would be a good idea to put in references on when these quotes were said in the manga. For example, the GaLe quote was said on Chapter 211, page 17. Although I borrowed these ideas from the main FT wikia site... do you think it's okay?

    I made a new Lisanna vs. Juvia page... hope that's alright. I just said it in passing anyway.

    Okay, I think that's that. Please comment on my ideas. Arigatou...

    WingCastle …

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  • DesCresLi 021

    Hey Guyz !! Its me !

    October 19, 2012 by DesCresLi 021

    DesCresLi 021 (talk) 05:47, October 19, 2012 (UTC)DesCresLi 021

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  • DesCresLi 021

    DesCresLi 021 (talk) 04:42, October 19, 2012 (UTC)DesCresLi 021

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