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The Conbolt Family (コンボルト・かぞく Konboruto Kazoku) is a family of a race of human beings from the Kingdom of Fiore. The two male members make use of a variation of Fire Magic.


Macao and Enno met when she was still a member of Fairy Tail during the year X778. While at the guild, Enno spends her time dancing on tabletops which gained her many admirers, one of which was Macao who promised to himself that he would confess his feelings to her.

Eventually, the two marry and have a son, Romeo. However, in the year X781, Enno divorced Macao because he was too focused on his work.


Macao ArcEdit

Macao disappeared and Romeo asked to Lucy and Natsu to find him. They discovered the man was victim of Take Over of Vulcan. The father told the son he defeated 19 Volcan.

Lullaby ArcEdit

Macao and Romeo made a trick to cover Natsu.

X791 ArcEdit

After the event of Tenrou Island the relationship between Romeo and Macao changed radically. The boy grew stronger but unhappy hoping into a return of his former friends, Macao avoided the disbanding of Fairy Tail maintaining the diplomatic relationship with other guilds but at cost of Fairy Tail's glory. In the darkest moment Team Tenrou returned and with them the smile of Romeo.

Grand Magic games ArcEdit

Fairy Tail participated in Grand Magic Games and won. After the opening of Eclipse door all mages fought against Future Rogue's army. Macao died in battle with a great despair of Romeo. Lucky, Ultear reverted the time of a minute saving Macao too.

Tartaros ArcEdit

Romeo and Macao helped during the battle between Fairy Tail and Tartaros

Alvarez Empire ArcEdit

Macao and Romeo are in the group protecting the guild