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The Connell Family (コネル・かぞく Koneru Kazoku) is a family of a race of human beings from the Kingdom of Fiore. Both parents make use of a Holder Magic involving the shooting of Magic bullets, Guns Magic.


A year after the supposed destruction of Tenrou Island, Alzack married Bisca and their union resulted in the birth of a daughter whom they named Asuka.


X791 ArcEdit

During the seven years of Fairy Sphere, Bisca and Alzack supported Macao Conbolt to maintain Fairy Tail

Grand Magic Games ArcEdit

The family participated in Grand Magic Games as supporters of Fairy Tail's teams. They helped during the invasion of time traveler dragons.

Tartaros ArcEdit

Cana moved the family on Tartaros' Cube and they helped to defeat minor troops.

Avatar ArcEdit

The family received a letter of Lucy and agreed to re-join Fairy Tail

Alvarez Empire ArcEdit

In preparation for the Grand Magic War, Mavis elaborated a D Strategy. The Jupiter Cannon of Phantom Lord was installed near the town and given to Connell Family, renamed with the code name Osprey squad.

Ajeel attacked Magnolia from the sky but the strategy of Mavis revealed to be a failure because the first guild master ignored the motion sickness of Flying Dragon Squad. Lucky, the seventh guild master arrived and after an intense battle used an armor to grant the precision to Jupiter's shot. Bisca, supported by the husband and the daughter attacked the main airship putting an end to the first wave.