The Dragneel Family (ドラグニル・かぞく Doraguniru Kazoku) was a family of individuals belonging to the human race. Tragedy struck them, when dragons attacked killing the parents and their youngest son. It wasn't until the eldest son and sole survivor of the Dragneel family, Zeref Dragneel, was cursed after he defied the rules of magic and revived his younger brother, Natsu Dragneel, as an Etherious. Zeref soon allowed the resurrected Natsu to be raised by Igneel, the King of the Fire Dragons, a close friend of his who along with, and the Celestial Spirit Mage, Anna Hearfilia, concocted a plan to send the Dragon Slayers - with their dragon foster parents sealed inside them - to a period of time that is rich in Ethernano so that their souls, which were maimed by Acnologia, could properly heal. This coincides with Zeref's initial plan to have his younger brother become powerful enough to destroy him.

While Natsu was sent to the future, Zeref lived out the four hundred years awaiting his brother's arrival and would meet young girl by the name of Mavis. A decade later, Zeref came in contact with Mavis again and their shared curse sired a son named August - who would never know love due to his parents never learning of his existence. August would die sacrificing himself to defeat his enemies and very soon his father, Zeref, would presumably share his fate. As of now, Natsu is the assumed last living member of the family.


400 years ago, Natsu was born as the younger brother of Zeref, and they lived peacefully in a small village with their parents. However, Natsu died at a young age alongside their parents, courtesy of a Dragon attack. This caused Zeref, the only survivor to become a student at the Mildian Magic Academy, where he researched the connections between life, death and Magic to revive his brother. When Zeref was cursed by Ankhseram and then killed everyone around him with his newfound, unwanted Curse of Contradiction, Zeref wished to die and wandered around, creating the Etherious in the hopes that they would kill him, but instead turned to reviving his dead brother, having preserved his body, as an Etherious, thus fulfilling his goal of bringing his brother back and creating something that could kill him: E.N.D.; Etherious Natsu Dragneel.

Zeref took care of Natsu but latter was too rambunctious for him to handle as no matter what Zeref did Natsu didn't want to learn to read or write. However one day, while collecting herbs Zeref stumbled across the Fire Dragon King Igneel who unlike most dragons had no problems associating with humans. After acquainting with one another, the two became friends and much later the Dragon offered to teach Natsu Dragon Slayer Magic and raise him himself something Zeref allowed. Zeref then became aware of the plan hatched by Igneel, Metalicana, Grandeeney, Weisslogia and Skiadrum to use the Dragon Soul Technique to seal their damaged souls inside young Dragon Slayers that they have raised and travel to the future, where the Ethernano-dense air would help them recover enough to kill Acnologia. Zeref helped them do so, and had the Celestial Spirit Mage Anna Heartfilia open the Eclipse Gate to the future, while also four hundred years later having Layla Heartfilia open another version of the Gate to connect the two time periods, allowing the Dragon Slayers chosen (Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting and Rogue) to arrive in the future on July 7, X777.


Edolas ArcEdit

After his magic unintentionally causes him to kill a pack of wolves on Tenrou Island, Zeref sadly sat down while wondering how long he has to wait until he sees Natsu.

Tenrou Island ArcEdit

Natsu and Zeref met on Tenrou Island while Zeref cried at seeing his younger brother, Natsu didn't recognize Zeref and even punched him. The Black mage was unfazed by this blow and cried as he realized that Natsu wasn't strong enough to kill him wondering how long he had to wait until Natsu was ready to kill him. Natsu was confused at Zeref's behavior and was shocked to find out that he was Zeref. After the conflict with Grimore Heart, Zeref left the island to deal with Hades. When Tenrou Island was "destroyed" due to the attack of Acnologia, Zeref shed tears as he believed Natsu to have been killed.

Grand Magic Games ArcEdit

Seven years later, Zeref learned that Natsu survived Acnologia's attack having spied on the Grand Magic Games and regain a sense of hope that Natsu would kill him. While speaking to Mavis, Zeref thought of a future meeting with his brother now that the latter had gotten stronger.

Tartaros ArcEdit

Tartaros, a guild consisting of Etherious, captured Lisanna, Erza, Mirajane and soon Natsu.

When Natsu escaped and attacked the enemy guild soldiers, he was confronted by Zeref who stopped time and for the first time spoke with Natsu. Zeref told Natsu some information of E.N.D. and Natsu moved to attack Zeref with the Heat Blade after the latter told him Igneel failed to defeat the demon. The heat blade was unable to damage Zeref as he told natsu that he would be given a choice let E.N.D live or destroy it which left the boy confused. Zeref moved to leave despite Natsu's protests however, Zeref told him that Tartaros spent so much time searching for him to suddenly appear would be a kill joy with that the black mage disappeared.

In the ending stages of the Tartaros War, Natsu's foster father Igneel is revealed to have hidden himself inside Natsu's body and attacked an arriving Acnologia. Igneel entrusted a protesting Natsu with procuring the book of E.N.D. from Mard Geer Tartaros. With the help of Sting, Rogue and Gray Natsu was able to defeat the demon who had relinquished the book of E.N.D..

Zeref later returned during an argument between Gray and Natsu over the book of E.N.D., having come to reclaim the Book of E.N.D for himself before summoning it to his very hand claiming its very important to him. He congratulated Mard Geer for his efforts to "revive" E.N.D. but then dispelled Mard Geer of his living magic changing him back to a book before destroying it while commenting he no longer needed the demon, to natsu's disgust. Zeref remarked that he wanted to settled things with Natsu but Acnologia interfered but promises to bring Natsu more despair should he live through the Dragon King's onslaught. Having recovered the Book of E.N.D., Zeref left the area as Natsu angrily glared at him.

Natsu soon witnessed the death of his foster father Igneel by Acnologia's hand and breaks down in tears. Natsu tells Igneel that he had been searching for him for years and now that he's found him the latter is dying. However, Igneel reminds Natsu of what he taught him and tells Natsu to stand which he does and promises to defeat Acnologia.

Later at unknown location, Zeref ominously remarks that Natsu has to try and surpass him while calling the dragon slayer "Etherious Natsu Dragneel" revealing that Natsu is E.N.D. .

Avatar ArcEdit

Natsu reunited with Lucy and soon began to track down the rest of their friends to reform Fairy Tail. After a series of events, he was successful in reforming the Guild.

Elsewhere Zeref recounted his past at trying to revive his dead younger brother, the events which led to him becoming cursed and creating the demons of his books as well managing to successfully revive his brother as E.N.D (Etherious Natsu Dragneel) his last and most powerful demon. Zeref stopped talking to Natsu's book promising to speak with the real Natsu about Igneel and Mavis another day.

Zeref soon journeyed through a rocky area to meet with a mysterious individual where upon meeting that person he notes on the form they chose before taunting them on their lost arm. The person turns out to be Acnologia in his human form who question Zeref's reason for a meeting as both he and Zeref acknowledge their great power but not doing anything with it. However, Zeref tells Acnologia that he will eradicate him and humanity before noting on how Acnologia has been waiting for someone to truly challenge and tells he will make him truly fight. The Black Mage tells the Dragon King to keep waiting as the final battle between the Dragon, Humanity and the Immortal approaches causing Acnologia to smile.

Alvarez Empire ArcEdit

When Zeref subdued Makarov Dreyar, he admitted he was grateful to the elderly mage and thanked him for raising Natsu. Zeref tried to kill Makarov hoping to enrage Natsu but Mest saved him. Natsu was angered to learn Zeref was the Emperor of the Alvarez Empire while Zeref was pleased that Natsu was on the island.

When Mavis tells Fairy Tail her past with Zeref, the latter mentions to wanting see his brother in the flashback.

Prior to the invasion, when the fairy tail mages were wondering of how to defeat Zeref with Natsu stating he will take care of Zeref as he has a secret weapon in preparation for defeating him but could only use it once.

After defeating the first wave of the invasion, Natsu and Happy snuck off so that Natsu could face Zeref while the latter smiles for Natsu's arrival.

Natsu went to confront Zeref and after taking down many soldiers Zeref appeared. When Natsu remarked on how easy it was to get his attention, Zeref stated he wanted to see Natsu as soon as possible. Natsu then battled Zeref while using the power he inherited from Igneel managing to overwhelm Zeref. Pleased by this display, Zeref thanked those who made it possible for him to finally die with those being Igneel, Anna, Layla, Mavis and his dear younger brother Natsu who hits him with a powerful attack.

Zeref ultimately survived the attack as Natsu prepared to attack him once more but Zeref stopped him in order to finally reveal the truth. Zeref tells Natsu his full name is Zeref Dragneel and states he is Natsu's older brother. Zeref went on recounting that four hundred years ago their family was attacked by dragons and that Natsu was killed along with their parents. Zeref explained that he underwent research in order to revive Natsu and using the body of the original Natsu Dragneel and a combination of his magic he was able to resurrect Natsu as E.N.D (Etherious Natsu Dragneel), his last and most powerful demon.

Though shocked, Natsu denied this revelation by bringing up Igneel's failure to defeat E.N.D. and said demon leading Tartaros until Zeref reveals Tartaros was really created by Mard Geer who found Natsu's book and used it to control the other demons. Zeref also explained how Igneel chose not to kill Natsu because he loved him too much to harm him. Even with all this information, Natsu refused to believe it before Zeref proved his story by showing that damaging the Book of E.N.D. harms him as well.

An injured Natsu was forced to listen as Zeref explained everything: he and Igneel were friends, Zeref allowed Igneel to raise Natsu and Natsu was sent to the future through the Eclipse Gate along with Gajeel, Wendy, Sting and Rogue to help their dragon parents defeat Acnologia. Zeref states this was also a way for him to make Natsu stronger, so that one day he would be able to destroy Zeref. Zeref ended his tale by stating he lived out those four hundred years awaiting Natsu's arrival reflecting on how hard it was but Natsu soon lost his patience and charged at his brother, refusing to believe anything else Zeref is telling him. Making no attempt to defend himself, Zeref revealed one more thing if he dies then so will Natsu as he is his creation. The dragon slayer ignored this, accepting a suicidal destiny and tried to kill Zeref but a tearful Happy stopped him and flew away with the protesting Natsu who has lost his chance to kill his immortal brother. As he watches the two of them leave, Zeref tearfully states that Natsu is no longer capable of stopping him now that the last bit of Igneel's power has disappeared and bids his brother farewell.

With Natsu now gone, Zeref's wounds heal and he prepares to go through with his plans to obtain Fairy Heart now that no one is capable of defeating him so he will not hesitate any longer. Meanwhile, Natsu and Happy land in a forest to rest at a pond where Happy tends to his burnt paws as Natsu struggled to process everything he learned from Zeref while making a promise with Happy to find a way to defeat Zeref without endangering his own life.

Natsu soon collapses due to having a tumor develop in his body and Happy is forced to carry him back to the guild. Natsu is soon healed by a Shield of Spriggan named Brandish who shrinks his tumor down to a size where it won't affect him. Natsu is then placed in a bed to rest but recovers and manages to defeat another Shield of Spriggan named Jacob who attacked the guild hall.

After organizing his army, Zeref internally announced his intentions to crush his younger brother and former lover. As this happens, Natsu, Lucy, Mest, and Happy are guided by Brandish to meet with August. After coming face to face with, August accuses Brandish of being a traitor however, she manages to sway his mind and after he looks at the gathered mages behind her, he spots Natsu who he seems to recognize (due to the latter's relationship to Zeref). However, August is stabbed by Brandish who was brainwashed by Mest causing August to take on a new form and retaliate with a powerful magic blast.

As this happens, Zeref notes of strange magic presence before being teleported to Fairy Tail by one of his shield of Spriggan, Irene Belserion placing him in the same area as Fairy Heart (Mavis). As this was happening, Natsu and his friends wake up in a new location and begin traveling back to Fairy Tail to help Mavis.

Elsewhere Dimaria, a Shield of Spriggan (who while tied up) attempts to escape two Lamia Scale mages before their souls leave their bodies. Dimaria turns and sees a man that says he's come to save her she is shocked when she realizes she was saved by a fellow Shield of Spriggan named Larcade Dragneel whose exact relation to the two Dragneel brothers is unknown.

Lacrade took Dimaria to regroup with the other Spriggan 12 who have taken control of the Fairy Tail guild, Larcade remarked on Dimaria and Brandish's friendship as August angrily glared at him and Invel stated this was because of his lack of attendance at the meetings. Mavis took note of Larcade's magic power sweating and trembling as Zeref revealed some information about Larcade that he is his secret weapon against Acnologia because of the vast capabilities of his unknown magic.

When Invel (a Shield of Spriggan) freezes Natsu and his friends (except Gray), Natsu manages to free everyone causing Invel to smirk as he confirms Natsu's connection to Zeref. Natsu is soon taken away by Brandish while Invel forces Gray and Juvia to fight to the death. As this happens, Invel recalls a memory of Zeref showing him the pendant he wears holds a picture of Natsu and Zeref as children. Invel internally states his intention of molding Gray into a warrior capable of defeating E.N.D due to believing it is the only thing standing in Zeref's way of his ultimate goal. After Gray and Juvia seriously wound themselves, Invel goes off to destroy E.N.D himself. However, an enraged Gray (having been saved by Juvia) arrives and brutally attacks before defeating Invel for his vile actions. Wounded and laying on the ground, Invel reveals to a shocked Gray that Natsu is E.N.D as well going on to reveal the demon's status as Zeref's brother and giving him information about the demons. As this happens, Brandish re-enlarges Natsu's tumor after seeing his true strength and seeing him as a threat but she is soon taken down by another shield of spriggan Dimaria who is angered at Brandish's betrayal. Dimaria took Lucy and Natsu hostage planning to torture them for their turning Brandish to their side. While being held hostage by Dimaria, Natsu remained unconscious but when Dimaria moves to mutilate Lucy's face, Natsu awoke and unleashed his powers of E.N.D. . This allowed him to break free of his constraints, completely able to move within Dimaria's time stopping magic and brutally attack a shocked Dimaria to save Lucy. After defeating Dimaria, Natsu held Lucy and noticed she was unresponsive (not knowing this was due to Dimaria's magic) as he broke down his demonic powers and instincts took over and he went out to find his brother.

Natsu's search for Zeref caused him to seriously burn alive any enemy soldier who stood in his way as he focused solely on locating his brother and soon deduced he was at the guild hall. As Natsu made his move, he was met by Gray (who is now aware of his friend's demon status), Natsu told Gray to move aside as he wanted to defeat Zeref but Gray refused and questioned if he really was E.N.D but Natsu just orders him to move and speaks about killing Zeref. Recalling the information Invel gave him, Gray takes this a confirmation of Natsu being a demon and Zeref's brother. Out of hatred for Zeref's demons, Gray declares he will kill Natsu resulting in a battle where Natsu stated he can't be stopped as he recall what triggered his demon powers to awake.

Natsu and Gray, both using their demonic powers start fighting seriously injuring the other while ignoring their surroundings such as the light of Fairy Law. Just as they are about to deliver a fierce blow to the other, their fight is stopped by Erza who reprimands them for their foolish actions. Erza cries while telling them that their master died using fairy law before hugging them. Seeing Erza's tears, Natsu is reminded of his reason for Jellal which was for making Erza cry. With that, he regains his reason as his partially transformed body turns back to normal causing him to slowly lose consciousness but he is caught by Lucy. Relieved that she is alive, Natsu rests in her arms. When Irene Belserion attacks, Natsu is shielded from harm by Lucy.

Later on, Larcade looks down on the battlefield displeased that half of the army was taken out. The shield of spriggan decides to take matters into his own hands otherwise he wouldn't be able to face his father, revealing that he is the son of Zeref Dragneel and the nephew of Natsu Dragneel. Larcade then uses his unknown magic which is called "Pleasure" and explains to Yukino and her allies it is a magic which takes the souls of those who are not pure of heart. Larcade's usage of his magic unknowingly affects Irene allowing Natsu to be taken away from the battle to be taken to Porlyuscia.

Larcade's enemies express a pleasured look of pain but before he can get rid of any enemies he is halted when Zeref (also under the affect of Larcade's magic) telepathically contacts. Zeref warns Larcade that his magic is not just having an affect on their enemies but on their allies as well. Realizing his error, Larcade quickly stops his spell before he is confronted by Yukino who attempts to attack him because of his magic causing her sister to faint but Larcade subdues her and uses his magic on her before she is saved by Kagura. Kagura questions as to why a person using such pure magic would serve the evil Zeref as Larcade reveals to the Mermaid Heel Mage that Zeref is his "father".

When questioned about this, Larcade gives the gathered mages his full name and his status as Zeref's "son". Yukino and Lector note on how Zeref and Larcade have the same the last name as Natsu before he reveals to them that Natsu is his "father's" younger brother thereby making him larcade's "uncle" which greatly shocks them. Larcade states he wished to finally meet his uncle as it appears Zeref holds him in higher regard than him his own son which he deems unforgivable, showing that he harbors jealously towards Natsu. After a fierce one sided battle, Larcade defeats Kagura before planning to use his magic on her and the other mages present.

Later on, August who has defeated Crime Sorceire walks away from his defeated foes after revealing to a shocked Jellal of Zeref having a son that never knew love and remarks to himself that the only one who could possibly defeat his majesty's child it would be his mother who turns out to be Mavis Vermillion, how this is possible is unknown.

Meanwhile as he was being tended to by Porlyuscia, the elderly mage doctor informs everyone that Natsu's condition goes beyond her field of expertise. As Natsu laid unconscious, his body started to smoke and become ice cold as his friends cry out his name. Natsu's mind drifted into his subconscious while there Natsu met with Zeref. Natsu immediately attacked what he thought to be Zeref but was told that he is not the real Zeref instead a projection who informs Natsu his death will come very soon and it is for that reason he has come to guide Natsu through some of his lost memories. Zeref requests Natsu calls him "big brother" while they are together for the time being but Natsu refuses and demands answers. Zeref then shows Natsu their time together as children before showing him their parents and reveals that the family lived in a small peaceful village which later got destroyed by a dragon. A surprised Natsu soon sees the death of his parents and that of himself as well as his subsequent revival as E.N.D before Zeref recalls already telling Natsu about this as he later entrusted him in the care of Igneel. Zeref further explains that Natsu had later met the other dragon slayers and states that their lack of recollection on these matters is most likely due to the Dragon Soul Seal and their awakening in X777. This likely explains why Natsu didn't recognize Zeref on Tenrou Island or his recalling Wendy's name in their meeting.

Zeref soon disappears and is replaced by Sting who explains to the confused Natsu that his subconscious erased Zeref's presence and that if Natsu follows him he'll arrive at his answer. Natsu questions this as Sting states he'll find out the true identity of what it is that lurks inside his body.

In reality, the real Sting saves Yukino and the others from Larcade and angrily comments on how he smells similar to Natsu as Larcade smirks at this.

Sting questions Larcade, as Lector and Yukino both inform Sting of Larcade's relation to Natsu and Zeref as the latter is confused about the stench being too similar until Larcade informs him that Natsu is also essentially Zeref's child (because he is a demon from Zeref's book) before attacking Sting. Afterwards, Larcade overpowers Sting and when questioning him as to why he was fighting for the sake of guild that wasn't his own; Sting informed Larcade it was for the sake of his friends and that of Natsu's. Larcade then tells Sting that he will be the one to kill Natsu having decided on that for years.

After Sting achieves White Shadow Dragon Mode, he tells Larcade that he's been following Natsu for years and right now he is standing in his way as the latter states he will kill Natsu while calling Sting a weakling who can't stand up to him. With that Sting strikes Larcade engages in a fierce battle with the Shield of Spriggan who performs a powerful spell while stating none can resist it which is why his father has entrusted him with the task of defeating Acnologia. However, after a long time passes Sting manages to overpower Larcade with a powerful attack as disbelieving Larcade can only weakly call out for his father before losing consciousness. Inside the Fairy Tail Guild, Zeref having sensed Larcade's helplessness can sit only with a solemn look on his face.

Elsewhere in Natsu's subconscious, Sting is replaced by Rogue who tells Natsu the truth about his scarf as he learns Lucy's ancestor Anna (who Natsu confuses for Lucy) made it out of Igneel's fallen scales (which changed colors). Zeref reappears to tell his younger brother that his "death" has drawn near stating the answers lay ahead for Natsu. In reality, as everyone is worried for Natsu's well-being the latter mutters he will defeat Zeref in his sleep as Happy breaks down in tears while accidentally revealing to all that if Zeref were to be killed then Natsu will die along with him.

In his subconscious, Wendy appears and tells Natsu about the creation of Dragon Slayer magic as he expresses his anger about the guide in his mind constantly changing. Gajeel soon appears and berates Natsu as this was his subconscious' way to restore his lost memories and he along with Wendy proceed to tell an annoyed Natsu that he is getting closer to his answer.

Natsu continues his mental journey but Wendy and Gajeel are no longer present but a projection of Igneel appears to tell Natsu about the dragon seed. He reveals that is what causes dragon slayers to transform into dragons but because he entered Natsu's body by using the dragon soul, he managed to stop its growth. He states it shouldn't be growing anymore as Natsu states it probably because Igneel left his body but the dragon states that's not the case due to their being one more seed in Natsu's body which is called the demon seed which is the proof of natsu's demon status. Igneel states the two seeds are trying to merge together which is what is happening to Natsu's body right now. A shocked Natsu asks Igneel is this the reason of why he's dying, to which his foster father solemnly confirms as Natsu gives off a sad look.

Natsu begins to lament his impending death before Igneel hits on the head telling him he would die if the seeds fuse but if he chooses one of them he'll either become a demon or a dragon. He then asks Natsu his choice as the latter states he won't become neither as no matter what he is human as Igneel compliments his choice stating that though Natsu was revived as a demon and raised as a dragon he was human. With this choice, the seeds in Natsu's body break as Igneel tells Natsu to rise on his feet as the latter thanks his foster father. Natsu wakes up to find himself with Happy and Lucy (the latter being naked to warm up Natsu's body), he partially informs them of his journey and how he believes he is human (though it is unknown whether this is fully true). The group is interrupted when a light engulfs them. At the Fairy Tail Guild, Zeref remarks that Universe One is wearing off and Fiore would go back to its original state.

After Universe One wears off, Natsu and the others are sent to Lucy's apartment where Natsu states they will begin their journey to their guild.

Natsu and his group soon meet Brandish and shrunken Dimaria who expresses her fear of Natsu as he states his lack recollection on the beating he gave her. When Porlyusica, Evergreen and an unconscious Juvia arrive they question if the group on where Gray is before they all feel the might of August's power before the Shield of Spriggan fights against Gildarts.

With that being settled, Natsu starts to run telling Lucy that he knows where Gray is. Meanwhile at the Fairy Tail Guild, Zeref tells an unidentified person that he never expected to see them arrive mentioning he expected Jellal or Laxus to show up calling his anticipation a disappointment. The person turns out to be a wounded Gray who tells Zeref to leave the Guild as he is sitting in his spot. Zeref muses out an apology to his brother for what is about to occur. Meanwhile, Natsu is running through Magnolia telling Lucy, Gray went to Zeref's location.

As Zeref and Gray stare each other down, the black mage revealed that he is fully aware of Gray being best friends with his brother and of his tragic past caused by one of his demons. Gray is surprised that Zeref knows of him as Zeref reveals that he also knows of Lucy, Happy, Erza, Wendy and Gajeel stating one must know of their enemies. Gray skips to the point by asking Zeref what his goal was as Zeref answered it was to procure Fairy Heart. Rebuking this, Gray mentions Zeref's massive army and his immortality questioning why he wanted more power as Zeref states with Fairy Heart he will be able to defeat Acnologia causing Gray to express shock. Zeref states with that in mind he wouldn't mind help if Gray would offer as Gray became annoyed with this. Zeref then tells Gray that his full goal isn't something as insignificant as that and (off-screen) divulges his plan to Gray as the latter becomes terrified at the unknown plan.

Zeref then tells Gray that not even his subordinates know of his intentions before stating he will kill Gray so as to cause the final trigger in Natsu to awaken his full abilities. However, Gray tells Zeref he will defeat him but Zeref states it is impossible as he is immortal though does state if he does then Natsu will die. The Ice Devil Slayer reveals he is aware of that as the black Mage is surprised that Gray was aware of Natsu being E.N.D. before Gray states that he held a grudge against E.N.D for the pain he went through but realized it was pointless stating no matter what Natsu was his friend. Amused Zeref tells Gray that he will lose his friend either way if he dies or if Gray dies but he is told there is another way to defeat Zeref without killing him before using a powerful spell called Iced Shell which he combines with a lost type of magic which will erase the existence and memories of the caster from those who know them.

Zeref is surprised Gray would use this spell but states it will only freeze him as Gray states killing him would mean Natsu's death so he came up with a strategy that won't endanger his friend. Zeref states that Gray would die from the use and it would be in vain as the ice will melt one day and he would be released but Gray states by that time peace would've return and its his guild's victory. Natsu soon arrives and stops Gray from using his spell as Zeref smiles at his brother's arrival. Natsu berates Gray for his second attempt at the Iced Shell as Gray says his recent actions state he doesn't belong in the guild as Natsu states his own actions are no better while asking Gray if they are friends. Grays says that if Natsu defeats Zeref he would die which Zeref confirms by saying victory or defeat; either way Natsu will die which is his destiny. In response, Natsu tells his brother that he doesn't intend on dying and that he will burn his destiny if he has to. Amused by his brother's words, Zeref informs him that he had to accept his destiny as a cursed being as he removes his emperor's robes and prepares for his second fight with Natsu. Natsu and Zeref face off with one another again only this time Natsu is overwhelmed due to not having the power to keep up with Zeref. The Black Mage taunts his younger brother for his lack of Igneel's power while Natsu tells Zeref that he still has his own power but before the fight can continue everyone senses an incredible magical presence (Acnologia). Zeref remarks that Irene's attempts to buy time have run out and tells his brother that he must die for the sake of humanity and for his plans to succeed.

As the fight between the two brothers continue, Natsu begins to improve and gets an equal footing with Zeref who expresses excitement at his brother's power.

Meanwhile, a wounded Larcade travels through Magnolia determined to protect his father. Eventually Natsu's friends leave at the behest of Mavis Vermillion who telepathically says his fate depends on them. Natsu assures his friends that he won't lose in the fight.

After Natsu lands a decisive blow against him, the affects of the latter's curse begin to emerge Zeref remarks that while he must finish their fight he cannot help but express his excitement as Natsu grows irritated at Zeref's words. As this was happening, Natsu was overcome by a sudden sensation and turns to see Larcade (for the first time) who has made his way to the guild and has placed a slumber spell on the dragon slayer. Natsu questions Larcade's identity as Zeref is surprised at larcade's arrival while an excited Larcade calls out to his father relieved that he made in time to protect him.

Natsu is shocked to hear Larcade call Zeref his father but struggles to keep himself awake from the spell. True to his earlier promise to Sting, Larcade tells his "father" to kill Natsu while he is flustered in order to be free of his younger brother's interference. While Larcade revels in excitement about finally being able to kill Natsu, Zeref (under the effects of his curse) grows increasingly angered with Larcade's actions.

In a flashback to when Mavis's body was placed in a lacrima, Precht is confused by the fact that Mavis' body still contained life and was conflicted over whether he should kill it or let it live before he ultimately decided to allow it to live.

The flashback ended with a crazed Zeref blasting a hole through Larcade's body, coldly telling the latter not to interfere with the fight. Natsu was shocked at Zeref's actions as was Larcade who is sent crashing to the ground.

Critically wounded Larcade questions Zeref's reason for attacking him, Zeref stomps on Larcade's wound while stating he has no child and reveals that Larcade is really a demon from the book of Zeref who was given the last name Dragneel due to him being the strongest of Zeref's attempts in creating E.N.D. . Zeref then calls the crying and pleading Larcade a "good for nothing failure" before cruelly kicking him away for interrupting his fight with Natsu. Infuriated at this display, Natsu shouts at Zeref to stop this as Zeref tells Natsu to continue their fight while a spectating Larcade breaks down.

Later on, while fighting Gildarts, August is revealed to be the true child of Zeref and Mavis having been born through unknown means and was abandoned by Precht forcing him to live a hard childhood until by complete chance he met his father. It turns out that August retained his memories of his parents and while Zeref was unaware of who August truly was he took him back to his country and gave him the name of the month that he met Mavis (who August heavily resembled) in. This revelation makes August, Natsu's real nephew likely explaining why he recognized his uncle.

August is soon defeated when it turns out that he uses copy magic and Gildarts (with the help of Cana) exploits this news by using his prosthetic arm and destroys August's staff. August emerges from the rubble and resorts to using a sacrificing spell that will destroy Magnolia just as he is about to use he watches Gildarts hug his daughter before recalling what he told Jellal. August soon reflects on how only his mother could defeat him before catching a glimpse of her causing him to relent in his spell of destroying the city to resort to killing himself. Before dissipating into nothingness, August telepathically contacts Mavis and tell her that he always wanted to be held by her and calls her mother as Mavis turns to hear his faint voice only to see nobody behind her.

At Fairy Tail, Larcade writhes on the ground in pain at his wound while still calling Zeref his father as the latter tells him to cease calling him that stating once more what Larcade is to him a demon he created from a book. Zeref states he does not have children or family as Natsu intently watches this. As Larcade continues to cry, Zeref angrily blasts him once more as he shouts at him to get out of his sight as he slowly dies Larcade weakly calls Zeref "father" before he is completely destroyed. Natsu berates Zeref for his actions of killing his friend as Zeref states that Larcade was not a friend of his or his child as he is about to finish his sentence Natsu punches him stating there's no such thing as a parent who doesn't care for their child.

Elsewhere in Magnolia, Mavis is approached by Lucy, Gray and Happy who question her plan as she reveals that she carries the book of E.N.D. having taken it with her when she escaped the Guild hall. Happy notes on how it belongs to Natsu as Mavis tells them that when Natsu defeats Zeref she will erase the black wizard and at the moment they will save Natsu through unknown means. Mavis states that in order for it to be a success no one must enter the guild.

Back at Fairy Tail, Zeref notes on how he struggled in his entire life with his curse and how could never truly be allowed happiness or forgiveness for his vile crimes. At that second, Natsu angrily grabs and tells Zeref that life isn't about being allowed or not allowed anything but instead about making his own happiness stating that's what a family is. He firmly tells Zeref that if he will say that he doesn't have such a thing when he still has a family member, then any bond they shared is over before finally acknowledging and referring to Zeref as his big brother.

Slightly speechless and surprised at Natsu's claim, Zeref soon shrugs it off and frees himself of Natsu's grasp as he didn't think that Natsu would call him that. Zeref admits that Natsu is right before calling him E.N.D. as he and Natsu begin their final battle with their resolves firm.

Natsu and Zeref continue with their battle with Zeref going mad with Natsu's steady progress stating the two would destroy each other while continuing to call him E.N.D. . Natsu while still calling Zeref his brother firmly states his name to the latter calls him his demon name.

Elsewhere Happy asks Lucy and Gray whether they should open the Book of E.N.D. and after some debating they decide to do so.

Back to the fight between the two brothers, Zeref asks Natsu is that all the power he possesses as he voices his disappointment at his power before using his magic to bind Natsu. Taking advantage of this, Zeref decides to reveal his true goal which be to use the Neo Eclipse a gate that is neither past or present. He reveals with Mavis' power it would allow him to return to his time as a mortal and allow him to reset everything so that way no one would have to suffer from his actions while stating it means Natsu would be human once more and Acnologia would never gain power. Natsu questions Zeref on his goal by asking what happens to everyone once this goal is achieved as Zeref nonchalantly states it might disappear. Natsu berates his brother for his intentions by stating it doesn't matter if the world suffered from his actions as they have lived on as a result. Zeref soon goes over what the two things he needs to open the gate :the power of Fairy Heart which Mavis possesses and states he is aware of her approaching and the time-lapse itself.

It is revealed that Zeref had found the time-lapse and because it was filled with time magic, he sealed it off until he can use Fairy Heart to open.

As Zeref binds Natsu, Mavis appears and Zeref grins that he will complete his plan after all while Natsu burns away Zeref's magic entering dragon force as Zeref smiles at this new development. Natsu tries to charge at Zeref when he calls his effort useless however, Mavis blocks Natsu wanting to speak with Zeref but he grabs her with the intent of taking Fairy Heart from her. Mavis tells Zeref there is a way for him to die but he ignores this stating that if E.N.D. couldn't destroy him there is nothing that can.

Mavis asks then why was he afraid of Acnologia if that was the case as Zeref states even though he is not capable of dying his power is still no match for the Dragon King and if the latter had his way Mavis and Zeref will be the only people left doomed to be Acnologia's play things for eternity.

Mavis states she has away to end that eternity as Zeref states his own way Neo Eclipse which will allow to travel back to his time as mortal and reset time. He states he had a family there and a brother who he hopes will help him defeat Acnologia. Zeref begins absorbing Mavis' power while Natsu tries to stop him but is kept back as Zeref continues taking Fairy Heart from Mavis. Mavis begs him not to destroy the world they met in but he tells her that it will be one where her life wasn't ruined because of him just as finishes taking the magic from leaving her unconscious but is caught by Natsu.

Having accomplished his goal, Zeref states he has lost all remaining feelings for her and uses the power to transform himself. Now having the power of god, Zeref takes fire dragon slayer attack from an enraged Natsu which destroys part of the guild and seeming destroys Zeref in the process.

Exhausted, Natsu apologizes to Makarov for his actions as he believes that he has finished Zeref but the latter reforms along with the guild proclaiming his power surpasses time. Zeref then pierces Natsu through the chest telling the downed Natsu that Makarov was already dead and bids his crying defeated brother farewell.

With his new power, Zeref forms Neo Eclipse in the doors of Fairy Tail with the intent of returning to his time as a mortal with his memory of his current life intact. As he moves to fulfill his goal, Natsu (having been revived through Lucy writing in his book) stands and confronts the surprised Zeref once more. He tells Zeref of what he had been up to due to his time in the war and how he was being selfish while others needed him and he wasn't there.

Zeref realizes someone was writing in the book of E.N.D. as Natsu confronts him restarting their fight. As they battle, the two argue over the other's actions and who was really correct in obtaining their goals before deciding to end it once and for all with powerful attacks.

The clash between them causes a powerful pressure but in the end Natsu overpowers Zeref with his fiery emotions. This burns the Neo Eclipse and sends Zeref crashing to the ground with Fairy Heart's power presumably leaves him as he expresses shock that someone was able to seriously wound but believes he'll heal. Natsu then turns to an awaken Mavis for finishing Zeref and she confirms that she'll do her best as Natsu goes to see his friends thinking they'd be worried. The battle now over, Natsu bids his older brother farewell and leaves the guild as Zeref looks on at Mavis.

Zeref and Mavis converse over their lives and how their curse has affected them before Mavis expresses her hate for him and her love which causes her to kiss him. This causes Zeref to understand love, as this happens light engulfs them as Zeref realizes this is what could lift the curse as he revels in the feeling of dying but expresses sorrow that he didn't make up with Natsu. Zeref and Mavis are consumed in light and disappear, presumably going to the afterlife in happiness.

The only left after the light is Zeref's pendant holding his precious picture of him and Natsu together. Natsu soon meets up with his friends (who just witnessed his book disappear) and they congratulate him on his victory and he tells them of Mavis' (assumed) passing but tells them it probably what she wanted. The four friends soon make their way to the guild talking about what they intend to do before Natsu suddenly disappears. They break down assuming this was due to his life-link to Zeref and are sad believing they failed.

It soon turns out that Natsu was teleported to the dimension inside the ravines of time because of Acnologia devouring time magic and sending the dragon slayers there. In this world, Natsu wonders where he was before being confronted by the human form of Acnologia who stares him down.

Natsu figures out his identity as Acnologia by recognizing his power before he sees his fellow dragon slayers trapped in crystalized pillars. Acnologia states he will use them to stabilize his power while Natsu (recalling his foster father's death at the dragon king's hands) angrily demands for him to be silent. Acnologia then begins to crystalize Natsu's body and due to his previous fight with Zeref, Natsu is unable to resist. Natsu is freed by Wendy who along with the other dragon slayers break free having heard the voices of their friends as they prepare to slay the dragon king once and for all.


  • There are fourteen people who are (partially or fully) aware of the family's relation and the true identity of E.N.D.
    • Igneel- Had met and befriended Zeref four hundred years ago and raised Natsu himself. He also chose not to kill Natsu, despite knowing he was a powerful demon, due to loving him like his own son.
    • Larcade Dragneel- One of Zeref's demons who was given the last name of his creator and considered Zeref as his father. He was aware of Natsu being Zeref's brother and E.N.D. while being jealous of the affection and favoritism Zeref gave him.
    • Precht Gaebolg- Had discovered Mavis was pregnant with August and allowed her child to live. He then realized Zeref was the infant's father and abandoned the child due to the great level of magic power it was born with.
    • Invel Yura- Had once questioned Zeref about the pendant he wears and was shown the picture of Zeref and Natsu as children. He is well aware of Natsu being a demon created from Zeref's brother and wanted Gray to defeat E.N.D. due to thinking it is the only thing standing in the way of Zeref's plans.
    • Happy- Overheard Zeref tell Natsu of their relationship and learned of Natsu's status as E.N.D., disbelieved Zeref's words at first however, he learned the truth after Zeref shot a hole through the book of E.N.D. and Natsu ended up hurt as a result. Happy soon swore to find a way to defeat Zeref without endangering Natsu's life.
    • Gray Fullbuster- Was informed by Invel of Natsu and Zeref's relation as well as Natsu being E.N.D. . After coming across a demonic Natsu, he confirmed Invel's words and violently attacked Natsu due to all the misfortune Zeref's demons have brought upon his life. He soon relinquished his grudge due to needing to put the blame on someone for suffering before stating Natsu was his friend.
    • Jellal Fernadez - Was informed by August of Zeref having a son (indirectly August referred to himself).
    • Kagura Mikazuchi- Was informed by Larcade of his status as Zeref's "son" and Natsu's relation to both men.
    • Yukino Agria- Had noticed Larcade and Zeref have the same last name as Natsu before being informed by Larcade of Natsu's relation to both men.
    • Lector- Had noticed that Larcade and Zeref have the same last name as Natsu before being informed by Larcade of Natsu's relation to both men.
    • Frosche- Was informed by Larcade of his status as Zeref's "son" and Natsu's relation to both men.
    • Sting Eucliffe- Noticed Larcade and Natsu have the same scent before learning from his friends that the two are related to Zeref.
    • Mavis Vermillion - Heard August's voice address her as mother. When reunited with Gray, Lucy and Happy she revealed that she carried the book of E.N.D. after stealing it while escaping Zeref at Fairy Tail and was aware of its connection to Natsu. She also heard Natsu address Zeref as his big brother after he manage to defeat him in their fight.
    • Lucy Heartfilia- Learned that Natsu will die if Zeref were to be killed from Happy and upon seeing the book of E.N.D. she was shocked that it was connected to Natsu as she understood Happy's words.
  • The family has been responsible for a majority of events that have taken place in the series.
    • For instance, it was Natsu's death which led to Zeref studying magic and creating his inventions as well being cursed.
    • It was because of Zeref waiting for Natsu that led to the creation of Fairy Tail when he met Mavis. Zeref and Mavis's shared curse which led to the birth of August.
    • It was because of Zeref sending Natsu to the future that Natsu and the other dragon slayers saved Magnolia from Edolas.
    • Natsu's journey to the future also led to many rumors about E.N.D. being made as well as allowing his book to fall in Mard Geer's possession leading to the other demons not recognizing him as their master.
    • It was Natsu's death that inspired Zeref to create the Tower of Heaven and the Eclipse Gate.
  • August is the only member not hold the last name Dragneel and his status as a member of the family was never revealed to Natsu or Zeref.