Projects are composed of different groups of user working together in effort of improving the wiki.

For any request or membership application, please go to the page of the guild or team you wish to make a request or apply for.

Wiki Guilds

The Imaginators
The Imaginators Guild

Dedicated to accept requests from other users to create fanon articles and also create and maintain couple articles.

Primary Contact: Arvee100smart

SnapShot Guild Logo
Snapshot Guild

Dedicated to make sure that all images in the wiki are of high quality.

Primary Contact: Dynasty101Warriors

Rivalry Makers Guild
Rivalry Makers Guild

Dedicated to create and maintain rivalry articles.

Primary Contact: Cinnamon sugar

Wiki Teams

Update Complete! Team
Update Complete! Team

Dedicated to make sure that every article on the Fairy Tail Couples Wiki is up-to-date in manga and anime events.

Primary Contact: Arvee100smart

G-Repairs Team

Dedicated to make the every articles of Fairy Tail Couples are grammatically correct with improving words in each sentences.

Primary Contact: Arvee100smart