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Love ChartEdit

Love Chart is usually simplified as much as feasible, with little portraits connected by color-coded arrows. Occasionally, some pithy or more detailed quote is put on the arrows to clarify. Sometimes such a chart is drawn up within the story by one of the characters.[1]

After the return of the Tenrou Team, Lyon visits Fairy Tail with Sherry, Toby, Yuka, and Jura. Lyon then catches eye of Juvia for the first time, and claims he is in love, which confuses Juvia greatly. The overwhelmed Juvia explodes into a fantasy of possible partners within the guild, with Lucy and Gray commenting that things are getting far too complicated.[2]

This chart not only focused on the love triangle between Gray, Lyon, and Juvia, but also the possible relationships of the other characters surrounding them. This love dodecahedron was made in Juvia's point of view of the different relationships in Fairy Tail due to her belief that the other female characters are her love rivals for Gray.

Love Triangle (also called a romantic love triangle or a romance triangle) is usually a romantic relationship involving three people. While it can refer to two people independently romantically linked with a third, it usually implies that each of the three people has some kind of relationship to the other two. The relationships can be friendships, romantic, or familial (often other siblings).[3]

Love Dodecahedron is a lot like love triangles but with more character in the mix. Also, unlike love triangles that are stressful and often heartbreaking, love dodecahedron are mainly for a comedic purpose.[4]


There are different types of relationships found in Juvia's love chart. There are love and rivalry.

Love An arrow is pointing at a character.

Rivalry Multiple arrows are pointing at the same character.


  • GrayLu (Gray x Lucy)
  • Grultear (Gray x Ultear)
  • Gruvia (Gray x Juvia)
  • LoLu (Loke x Lucy)
  • Lyvia (Lyon x Juvia)
  • NaLi (Natsu x Lisanna)
  • NaLu (Natsu x Lucy)
  • Shyon (Lyon x Sherry)
  • (Gray x Lisanna)
  • (Gray x Lyon)
  • (Ultear x Meredy)